Why You Should Get a Chatbot Today

Why You Should Get a Chatbot Today

In a highly competitive space, companies need to solidify their customer service to improve their branding, deliver a seamless customer experience and keep their customers and potential customers engaged. Chatbots are an innovative and revolutionary solution for businesses. They come as a tool to satisfy all these needs whilst helping businesses scale. 

The chatbot market will grow massively over the next few years. If you are looking to deliver a customized and top-notch customer experience or even lead generation, sooner or later, your business will need a chatbot.

This article will explain why businesses must implement chatbots and reap the benefits of chatbots with FlowXO. 

You will save costs and time

Chatbots are incredibly efficient to help businesses optimize their time and budget. With chatbots, companies can manage a higher volume of queries and communication in a shorter period whilst ensuring an excellent customer service experience. 

Even though the implementation requires some form of investment, chatbots are becoming more accessible. It is still more affordable than hiring an employee, including salary, training, infrastructure costs, etc. Also, chatbots eliminate the risk of human errors. Mitigating human mistake can be costly, and chatbots can reduce error by 100%!

According to Chatbots Magazine, businesses can reduce their costs by 30% by implementing chatbots. Other numbers say that chatbots have already saved the cost of about $20 billion and are likely to reduce customer support costs by more than $8 million by 2022.

You will scale your business

Chatbots allow your business to handle way more customer queries and requests than ever before. This way, you can keep your customers engaged and satisfied with your service. Not only can you respond to your customers 24/7, but you can manage a lot of different conversations at the same time.

According to Finances Online, the top expected consumer benefits from chatbots include 24-hour service (64%) and getting an instant response (55%).

Chatbots are also an excellent way to boost lead generation. By implementing a chatbot in your website, you show visitors that you are available to help and engage at any time, encouraging them to become a customer. 

Providing an excellent customer experience whilst bolstering your lead generation is the perfect combination to scale your business. Chatbots allows you to expand without losing the quality of your service and communications.

You will build trust with your customers

In a competitive and fast-growing landscape, your business needs to stand out from the crowd when it comes to building trust with existing and potential customers. And trust is all about finding the right way to communicate and to understand your audience’s needs.

Your chatbot represents your brand. If you respond to your audience with the tone and positioning of your brand, your brand becomes more valuable. A robust and customized communication conveys trust and expertise, and customers will prioritize and remember your brand. 

Businesses can customize their chatbots to stimulate conversation and provide a personalized and engaging experience. You can add your brand’s personality to make your chatbot more relatable to help users connect emotionally. By providing a customized conversation, you can improve your brand communication and push for better business results. 

Quick solutions and responses are a delight for customers, giving them more confidence in the products and services you are providing. Customers will know that they can get immediate results and feedback by talking to your chatbot at any time, so they trust your brand to provide an enhanced customer experience.

You will solidify your brand​

As said previously, chatbots offer an interactive and highly customizable customer experience. With chatbots, you can build a natural conversation with customers, which adds a personal and emotional feel to your brand.

If you want to have a user-friendly approach, you can build a fun and friendly chatbot. If you want your brand to be more technical, you can make sure your chatbot conveys expertise with specialized vocabulary. Regardless of your brand positioning, you can quickly adapt your chatbot. This way, you can align your bot’s tone of voice and personality to strengthen your brand positioning. 

Chatbots provide a friendly and helpful approach, guiding customers and helping them with their needs. It can also offer light-hearted entertainment to your customers. Providing more human interaction connected to your values can help solidify your brand and build a more genuine relationship with your audience. 

You will improve your sales

Chatbots can proactively communicate the correct information to existing, and potential customers push them to acquire your product or service. A survey by Intercom stated that chatbots help companies increase their sales by 67%

Customer engagement is the critical requirement to boost your sales and keep your customers engaged, and chatbots are an excellent tool for this purpose. Chatbots make it easier to engage with your customers in different channels. You can use your bot in various ways to boost your sales, for example:

  • Online Assistance – Chatbots can help to move your customers along the sales funnel by assisting with their online purchase
  • Rewards and Benefits – With chatbots, you can efficiently run loyalty programs and offer exclusive deals and discounts. 
  • 24/7 Customer Service – With chatbots, you can be available to your customers at any time and provide them with instant information and solutions
  • Personalized Content – Sending customized content to customers instead of an aggressive sales conversation can be an excellent way to drive traffic and sales. It becomes natural to customers to talk with your bot, and they won’t feel aggressively persuaded. 

You can implement it in any industry

The possibilities of chatbots are endless and, regardless of your industry and your needs, chatbots will find a way to improve your operations. They are beneficial to every type of business. Some of the most common sectors to benefit from the use of chatbots are:

  • Healthcare: Healthcare companies can use chatbots to automate appointments booking, prescriptions writing and medical records management
  • Banking and Financial Services: Chatbots are beneficial to banks and financial services companies, as they help them optimizing customer requests, providing information and automating a series of day-to-day activities such as account opening, card loss, and much more. 
  • Education: AI chatbots can even be teaching assistants! Bots can answer students’ questions, provide information and materials, assign tasks and deadlines, among other activities. 
  • HR: Chatbots can help HR professionals optimize and automate the job-hunting process. They can search for the right candidate, evaluate CVs and skills based on keywords, and manage job posting and interviews. 
  • Retail and E-commerce: Retail and E-commerce companies can implement chatbots to answer customer questions and assist with online shopping to offer a more personalized experience. Chatbots can also assist with product recommendations, streamlining the sales process or helping customers with the sales funnel, from placing an order to tracking their delivery. 
  • Tourism: Your bot can answer questions about bookings and provide all kinds of information to visitors. 

You can manage your payments

Chatbots are designed to streamline and coordinate the customer journey from beginning to end. From the moment you enter a website to the moment you complete your payment, chatbots are beneficial assistants. 

With chatbots, you can quickly request and receive payments via your chatbox. Consumers can ask questions, receive suggestions, place orders, and make payments with the help of chatbots. They are designed to streamline and coordinate the entire customer journey. 

In addition, you can provide almost instant responses to payments questions and requests, interact with your customer and make your business more accessible than ever. Even if the customer has a specific question about a product or service, the chatbot can be programmed to send the customer to a human agent, if needed. 

You will improve lead generation

As briefly mentioned, chatbots are a successful strategy to improve lead generation. A chatbot has the power to ask the right questions to persuade the customers and generate leads quickly than a human agent.

You can customize your bot to ensure a natural conversation flow, so it helps your business to get excellent results and conversion rate.

A chatbot can also help you understand and segment your audience, which improves lead engagement. It can conduct surveys, quizzed to get insights about your audience and your business’ performance. 

Finally, chatbots can help you qualify your leads through KPIs, such as budget, resources and more. 

Why You Should Get a Chatbot with Flow XO

Companies need to build strategies to improve their online customer experience and to stand out from the competition. These include communications, lead generation, building trust, and more. 

Regardless of your size or industry, chatbots can offer a range of benefits for your business that will help you scale and optimize time and service. 

Flow XO is a chatbot automation system that allows you to reap the benefits of the chatbot experience. It will enable you to integrate your bot across platforms and provide intelligent and personalized responses almost instantly.

The Flow XO platform is very accessible, and it has a high ROI given the low cost. With Flow XO, you can create your bots and workflows for FREE! Flow XO chatbot benefits improved operational efficiency due to better-qualified leads and the ability to focus on engaged clients. At the same time, the bot keeps answering the basic questions and qualifying the leads. 

Interested in chatbots? Make sure to read about Flow XO “How to Create a Bot for Telegram – Short and Simple Guide for Beginners”. 

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