Accept payments via your chatbot

Request a payment

Flow XO for Chat is capable of taking payments part way through a conversation - for example, if it identifies a particular product or service that your customer wants to purchase, It can simply request a payment, specifying the currency and amount to be paid, and a link is automatically created that will take your customer to a secure payment portal to complete the transaction.


Receive a payment

Once a payment has been processed, an integrated action is triggered and your workflow can continue - sending a confirmation email or introductory welcome pack, or releasing a software code - whatever you need it to do.

Fully PCI-compliant

Payments are processed using the Stripe payment engine, so you don't have to handle any credit card information. When it's time to request or receive a payment, Stripe simply processes the amount and then waits for positive confirmation that the transaction was successful. This ‘stand-off’ approach means you don’t have to worry about PCI compliance at all.

For more information on how payment works, visit our online help guide:


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