Provide light-hearted entertainment

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Chatbots don’t have to be serious - it’s good fun to introduce some workflows that are purely for entertainment. For example, why not tell a joke, provide funny tips or light-hearted commentary on the latest news?
The great thing about creating a chatbot with Flow XO is that you can run multiple workflows behind the scenes. Some of these workflows may be geared towards your professional service - for example, providing information on your products or allowing customers to place orders - but, you could also introduce some workflows that are for no other reason than lightening the mood.

Tell a joke

With our Google Sheet integration, your workflow could randomly pick a joke stored in a spreadsheet and present it at random during the conversation. Perhaps your chatbot needs to grab some information from another system that may take a moment - the perfect time to drop in a quick one-liner.

Provide funny tips

Tips don’t have to be serious, and actually providing a more human-like dialogue can really help build a relationship with your customer. Create a workflow that randomly drops hints and tips on using your product or service, or even use our broadcast feature to send them to everyone you have had a conversation with in the past.

Provide market-specific news updates

Whilst your customer is engaged in a chat with your bot is the perfect time to let them know other information that may be of interest to them. For example, if you provide online ticket sales for gigs, you might want to throw in chat messages like “Did you see that the Foo Fighters might be touring next year? Our team will certainly be trying to get tickets if they do”.

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