What industries are using chatbots today?

Chatbots are becoming a common part of many businesses’ customer service strategies, with research showing that 80% of companies will want them by 2020. So what sectors are using the technology?

We look at some of the key industries taking advantage of the benefits of a chatbot and the different ways they are using them.

Types of chatbots for different businesses

Different types of chatbots can be used for different businesses, from those that deal with simple requests, to those that handle advanced queries. This could include basic greetings to welcome people to a company website, through to more complex interactions like advanced responses to hold realistic conversations with customers.

The bots can also be integrated with different systems to help them provide additional services to customers. This includes allowing them to handle payments, give advice, or for their responses to be linked to a previous bot’s conversation with a customer. This range of additional features makes chatbots versatile enough to be used across different industries. There are many sectors that are taking full advantage of the benefits of a chatbot. Here are some examples of the different ways businesses are using the technology to benefit them.

Retail and eCommerce

Ecommerce businesses and the websites of many retailers are using chatbots to help them in many ways. This includes handling basic product queries to replace customer service phone lines. If the chatbot isn’t enough to solve a query then the system can connect to live human assistance to help before returning control back to the bot. Some companies have also used them to replace search tools and help customers find the products they want.

Beauty and fashion is a good example of a sector that is using chatbots in such a way. For instance, clothing brands use them on their sites to ask customers about their style preferences, or what items they are looking for. Meanwhile, beauty brands offer site customers tips and tutorials to match the looks they want to achieve.

Travel and hospitality

These sectors are concerned with providing a first-rate customer service, making them a great fit for a chatbot, as they provide the same professional service for each customer. They are using chatbots to speed up processes and improve their customers’ experience before and during a trip or holiday.

Hotels, for example, are using them to make it easier for people to book accommodation, as well as check in and out of their room without having to wait in reception. Some are also using the technology to provide a basic 24/7 concierge service via a mobile app. This frees up human concierge to handle more specialised and complex requests.

Travel companies are also using the bots to help people plan what they can do on a trip away. This includes booking restaurants and reserving places on excursions and activities.

Banking and financial

The transactional nature of these industries makes them ideal for a chatbot. These sectors are using them in different ways, such as to reduce customer service waiting times, and make it easier for customers to get in touch with busy banks.

For instance, bankers are using them to help solve customers’ problems with transactions and their accounts. Chatbots are also being used to do things like supply a customer with their current bank balance, and locate the nearest cash machine for them.

In addition to this, some financial service companies are using the technology to do more advanced tasks. This includes suggesting the benefits of credit cards to customers, which they might not be aware of and have been approved for, as well as asking them about their long-term money-saving goals.

Providing chatbots that are right for your business and industry

A powerful chatbot can be beneficial to many industries, from helping customers find products on an ecommerce site, to giving bank customers options of new credit. The right chatbot can help your company improve your business processes, provide a better service for your customers, and make you stand out in your industry. And this is where Flow XO can help.

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