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What is a chatbot?

Chatbots are a new way for your customers to interact with your business.

They're more natural and engaging than websites or forms - collect data and tell a story in one familiar experience.

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Collect information

Ask questions and make sure you get consistent, usable answers.

Then save data to over 100 apps including Google Sheets and Trello.

Tell your story

Send text and images, using what you know about the user - conversations feel alive.

Highlight information with 'cards' including text, images and links.

Grow your business

Keep customers informed naturally and unobtrusively, pushing messages to your users at the right time.

Chat directly to your customers

Talk directly to your customers through your chatbot. Plugs into email or your helpdesk software - no new tools to learn.

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Why use chatbots?

Build once, and distribute your chatbot to over a billion messaging users on many platforms

Drive traffic to your chatbot through email or social media

Users can easily share your chatbot with friends, encouraging viral growth

Analytics provide a high level overview of the success of your chatbots

For power users, for everyone

Frustration free, drag and drop editor

Get started fast with pre-built templates

Lots of flexibility if you need it, easy to use if you don't

Knowledgable and thoughtful support means there's always a helping hand

Build once for many platforms

Flow XO chatbots work on many platforms, including Facebook and web, and you only need to build once.

Over 100 modules and services

Flow XO works directly with the apps and services your business already uses.

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