How can a chatbot improve your customer service?

The level of service you provide for a customer should always be impeccable, from face-to-face interactions to responding to emails.

It could be the first time someone deals with you or the fortieth. Either way, your service level will dictate the impression you make on a customer, and whether or not someone sees your business in a flattering light.

Any opportunity to improve the level of service your business offers should be a major consideration. A chatbot provides a fantastic way to streamline elements of your customer service, alongside a wealth of other benefits, which helps your business to interact and engage with customers more easily.

Here are some examples of how a chatbot can help.


One of the key benefits of chatbots is that they can, in many instances, replace a human customer service advisor. This means initial contact and even simple queries, such as chasing up delivery statuses or arranging appointments and call-backs, can be handled autonomously.

Allowing a chatbot to handle basic queries and customer service issues means that the volume of issues your business can deal with suddenly increases. It also eliminates the need for your staff to check a delivery status or process a return, as these can be handled by a chatbot.

This means that your customer service department has more time to spend on specific or larger issues. In turn, this gives staff more time to dedicate to customers and provide a more personalised service.


Chatbots can be integrated across different channels, including:

  • Websites
  • Social media platforms
  • Apps
  • Email
  • SMS messaging

With a huge number of different platforms, there are many ways that customers can interact with your business. What a chatbot allows is for you to control that initial contact. This ensures that no matter how many different platforms and how many interactions that take place, your brand is represented consistently.

Every interaction should be polite and helpful, and designed to get as much information about a customer’s needs as possible. This can then be referred to a member of your customer service team who can then take over, if need be.

Providing a level of consistency is crucial as it means your customer service department is presented as a cohesive and unified part of your business. It also means that regardless of the platform, customers receive the same level of service and get the same first impression of your brand.


Chatbots can serve as a 24/7 frontline for your customer service department.

This means that customers can engage with a business and seek answers to specific questions and queries at any time, even when customer service staff aren’t present. This can be a fantastic way to improve your service offering, as it means your business is always on hand to provide help and support.

With the right workflows in place, a chatbot can process enquires and questions from customers. In situations where human intervention is needed, and the enquiry is made outside of working hours, the chatbot can arrange a follow-up call.

Doing this means that even though that customer might not have their issue solved right away, they know that it has been logged, and that the next step in their customer service journey is underway.

How Flow XO can help with your customer service

The right customer service can be a great way to help elevate your business above your competitors and ensure people continue to make use of your services. A powerful chatbot can be a cornerstone to build your customer services around, and this is where Flow XO can help.

We provide businesses with powerful chatbot systems that:

  • Integrate cross-platform – With over 100 integrations, we can place chatbots wherever you need them within your organisation
  • Provide intelligent responses – Powerful workflows allow you to create logical, robust systems that meet the needs of both your business and customers
  • Are business ready – Setting up Flow XO is simple, meaning you can get effective chatbot software in place fast

To find out more about how Flow XO could help your business, visit our features page.

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