How did a Health & Wellness Product Manager create a Venture Business using a Flow XO Chatbot?

Who’s the client?

Sleepy is a Health & Wellness chatbot application that has been launched more than 500,000 times and features 30,000 paid users. The app helps users improve their sleep patterns through the use of proven scientific methods. Using Sleepy helps users improve their cognitive abilities, productivity, happiness level, and overall health. Additionally, 81% of its users report improved sleep habits, deeper sleep, feeling more rested in the morning, and falling asleep faster.

It is a science-based sleep!

Nowadays, the company has grown into a venture startup due to its unique take on sleep hygiene and cognitive behavior therapy.

But this wild journey started very simply.

So, what’s the story?

The Founder- Artyom Zhuralev, was struggling with poor sleep quality and therefore looking for solutions to his problem. After scouting the market, he realized there was a lack of solid service in the Russian space. So, as a true problem-solver, he started working on his own take on how to increase sleep quality. He just wanted to build something.

After conducting his proper due diligence, his immediate task was to create his MVP (Minimum Viable Product) version of his vision. Yet, there were some requirements:

  1. He had to build his idea fast and test it even faster
  2. He needed to have flexibility in building

Flow XO covered his requirements perfectly- we provided a chatbot platform with more integrations than anyone else on the market, along with flows that enable you to build flexible business logic. One integration Artyom finds really powerful is with Amplitude- an extremely powerful analytics provider that unlocks the power of your data sets.

Artyom says:

“if I have an idea for a new feature, I can implement it in Flow XO, and I don’t have any restrictions.”

The Founder knew his public was situated in Telegram, as the messenger is used as a social network in Russia. So, he connected one of our bots with Telegram and began developing the front-end of his idea.

The front-end was a character called Sleepy, which is a robot from the future. Creating characters like Sleepy is a crucial step when building any type of chatbot, as it allows users to feel more connected with the product. And it’s also fun!

The next step was to start building the flows that would automate the back-end of his business.

For Sleepy’s first version, Artyom created 5 simple flows. These flows were designed to send the user short articles every day. The articles talked about sleep improvement tips, based on sleep hygiene and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.

One of the flows made sure that users received the articles once every 24 hours. Users started subscribing and wanted more interaction with Sleepy. Traction was gathering and Artyom realized he was onto something.

Expanding the platform

Artyom continued expanding the functionality of his product through the careful use of Flow XO’s integrations. In the second version, Zhuravlev added a flow that did daily checkups. These checkups asked the user questions throughout the day. The user answered questions about their sleep quality and their energy level. Sleepy tracks the user’s answers, so they can see their progress over time. Sleepy calls this process CBT-journaling.

As time went on, Sleepy became more and more popular thanks to its marketing strategy which relied on influencer and content marketing. At one point, the company received venture capital, which further accelerated Sleepy’s growth.

Sleepy and Flow XO

Nowadays, Sleepy continues to build on the Flow XO platform and has expanded its team to 11 key people.

Flow XO has been used as an automated chatbot platform for hundreds of customers. Our tool has allowed companies to increase efficiency by reducing manual processes. Flow XO’s collaboration with Sleepy is unique. Zhuravlev reimagined the platform to develop Sleepy.

Instead of seeing our chatbot feature, Zhuravlev’s entrepreneurial spirit began to shine. He used Flow XO in a completely new way. While we intended for our tool to be a chatbot builder, Zhuravlev saw a hidden opportunity. He used the array of integrations to create and launch Sleepy.

The cool thing is, he expected none of this to happen.

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