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With the introduction of messenger apps, social networks and multiple instant communication channels in our daily habits, customer interaction has now a different shape. The digital transformation created new expectations and client demands. Businesses need to be available 24/7, provide fast responses and solutions on top of delivering outstanding and omnipresent customer service if they wish to stand out. In this context, automation comes as the problem solver to optimise client support processes. 

Chatbots are automated conversational tools built to offer customers a more efficient and personalised way to communicate with companies. According to Accenture, 50% of customers no longer care if they interact with humans. In fact, 60% of millennials prefer to use chatbots to buy their products

This article will discuss why businesses should be using chatbots if they want to improve client management and how Flow XO can help.

Why Chatbots Offer An Advantage in Customer Management?

Chatbots are becoming so popular because of their agility and effectiveness to meet both customers and businesses needs. Chatbots can optimise Customer Relationship Management from different perspectives, such as:

  • Quick Customer Engagement and Problem Solving: Chatbots are proactive problem solvers. Chatbots can respond to customers almost instantly and flows can be configured to guide the user. If for any reason, the chatbot can’t solve the problem, it can rapidly pass the conversation to a live agent while interacting with the customer. The result is a more engaged and happy customer. 
  • Reduce time and cost for business: When bots manage clients, companies can save budget. Chatbots Magazine’s study says that chatbots reduce customer service expenses by up to 30%. In addition, companies’ communication and engagement with customers demands time and resources, so investing in chatbots can reduce the workload and help businesses scale their operations. 
  • Customer Data Management: Chatbots are more than a communication tool; they also assist with data management. They can help you simplify and automate your customer data entry process. 

Moreover, businesses can drastically increase their customer reach and boost engagement once your chatbot is set up. It makes chatbots an attractive and cost-effective solution for client management. 

Indeed, every business would benefit from chatbot implementation. However, if you have a growing base of customers or intend to expand your customer base but can still not have a support team 24/7, chatbots will be a game-changer for your business. 

Ways Chatbots Revolutionize Client Management

We have analyzed why chatbots are helpful tools to client management, and now we will understand the different ways chatbots revolutionize customer support:

1-  Faster and More Efficient Support

Unlike humans, chatbots can support customers at any time without waiting times. You can also define your bot’s personality and tone of voice to make the conversation more engaging and even more entertaining to the customer. 

The Flow XO chatbot is set up to solve queries and provide support instantly while capturing and managing data, delivering the correct information to customers. For example, if a customer needs or prefers to talk to a human, the Flow XO bot can hand over the conversation seamlessly; the human agent can see the entire history of the conversation and continue the conversation without any back and forth. 

2- Consistent and Improved Customer Experience 

As mentioned, the 24h availability of chatbots helps your business establish a consistent and on-brand customer experience. Additionally, it is beneficial to expand your client base, as your bot is available consistently in different time zones around the globe. 

With chatbots acting as an extension of your business’ resources and knowledge, Flow XO makes it easier for companies to deliver a consistent customer experience across different channels, avoiding human errors. A bot can respond and solve the same queries efficiently to every customer, avoiding customer frustration and miscommunication. Consistency and customer service excellence equals a happy and loyal customer. 

3- Reducing Costs and Avoiding Errors

Chatbots can handle an increasing volume of messages and requests across multiple channels without losing the quality of your customer service. Not only does this ability help your business to scale, but it also avoids mistakes and human fatigue. 

Chatbots can maintain a high level of productivity and interact with a high volume of customers without requiring extra costs. It also avoids mistakes and human fatigue. Chatbots can run 24 hours a day, seven days a week, including holidays. Unlike humans, they don’t experience fatigue and can maintain high levels of productivity.

The Flow XO chatbot software allows your customers to easily interact with your bot and get the answers they need. In addition, it saves time and costs, as chatbots can maintain high productivity levels and interact with a high volume of customers without requiring an extra charge.

4- Personalize Customer Experience

More than an answer, customers today look for a complete experience when purchasing a product or service. It not only means a quick and effortless customer experience but also demands personalization. For example, sometimes different customers have the same questions, but they might not be satisfied equally with the same answer. For this reason, you need to make sure you implement a chatbot that offers personalization features.

Personalization is a valuable asset for business today, as customers expect a certain level of personalized interaction regardless of business size. Segment confirms that 71% of customers feel frustrated when a shopping experience is not personalized, so you need to invest in personalization to build valuable customer relationships and deliver seamless experiences. 

Flow XO chatbot puts businesses in control of their customer relationship. With Flow XO, you can personalize your conversations, so the bot knows how to answer a particular customer. Your bots are able to access data and get more context on each customer so that you can personalize your workflows and interactions. It allows you even to customize your bot’s personality to reflect your brand’s tone of voice. 

Managing Clients: Human VS Chatbots

Chatbots are a game-changer for customer management, and they do solve the gaps, but in many situations, they cannot replace human interactions. 

Chatbots are perfect to resolve most queries, especially straightforward requests and frequently asked questions, but live agents are still required to solve more complex issues. It is imperative when a customer is feeling frustrated or disappointed. Unlike bots, humans have emotional intelligence and are better at managing challenging situations with other people. 

Therefore, the best format you can use is to have your bot initiate the customer interaction, then either provide the solution or transfer to a live agent. Research shows that 86% of consumers prefer to be transferred to a live agent if an issue becomes too complex for a chatbot. This strategy is excellent for your customer service, as it shows customers that you are taking immediate action to solve their problems. 


To sum up, managing and delivering a seamless customer experience is becoming more demanding. Businesses need to count with the support of new tools, such as chatbots, to help them step up their customer service game. 

Thus, adopting a chatbot is the best thing you can do for your business. Chatbots are a fantastic way to manage customer relationships and deliver a seamless customer service experience. 

Chatbots can optimise clients management by saving time, improving productivity, increasing customer satisfaction and helping you build a more solid and loyal customer relationship. 

With Flow XO chatbot you stay at the forefront of customer management and have everything you need to make your business thrive. 

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