A unique platform for chatbots

Start building

Be everywhere

Truly cross platform

Be wherever your customers want to find you.

You only need to build once to be on all the platforms we support.

Bot + human hybrid

Automated or human

Talk directly to your customers through your chatbot. Plugs into email or your helpdesk software.

It's also easy (point & click).

Making data accessible

Complete flexibility

Use over 100 (and growing) built-in modules & integrations.

Access data from anywhere with our powerful HTTP integration.

Reliability matters

Ready for business

Messaging has to be fast and reliable, always.

That's why our technology platform is built for scale and reliability.

A closer look

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Web tools to promote your bots

Embeddable web messenger

Templates to get you started quickly

Talk to users through email/helpdesk

Save attributes against any user

Get and post data via HTTP/JSON

Distribute RSS feed content to your users

Push content to users on demand

Receive images, location & other files

Start interactions by direct message, mention or overhear

Recognise variations on your trigger words/phrases

Ask questions and validate the format of the answer

Text or choice type questions

Use filters to add if/else logic to your interactions

Wait hours/days or wait until a specific date

Perform text, number and date manipulations

Execute custom JavaScript

Multiple language support