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Select your chatbot platform

The very first step is to decide which platform you want to use.

Flow XO supports the creation of chatbots on Facebook Messenger, Slack, Telegram, Twilio SMS or as a stand-alone messenger that you can embed on your webpage. You can create a single chatbot, or have your backend workflows interact with multiple bots.

Connect your account

Next, you will need to connect Flow XO to the account of your chosen platform.

Connecting Flow XO to your chosen platform(s) is extremely simple, requiring you to authenticate your account for the first time only.

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Start building your workflows

Workflows are the intelligence behind a chatbot, allowing it to interact with your customers.

Once your platform is connected, you can then create as many workflows as you like. Typically a workflow will listen for a set of keywords as a trigger (for example 'help') and then respond with a series of actions.

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