How does engageSPARK use Flow XO to create miniapps that expand the functionality of their own platform?

Who’s the client?

engageSPARK’s CEO describes the company as the Survey Monkey for reaching people who are not on the internet. This firm helps nonprofit organizations, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), and universities collect data in the hard-to-reach emerging markets where messenger penetration is scarce. To achieve that, they use phone calls, SMS, WhatsApp, and Airtime Top-Ups to reach the intended audience and distribute content or conduct surveys.

So, what’s the story?

Since their clients are focused on solving social issues, engageSPARK comes at the forefront of this task, as collecting information is the first step in this beautiful endeavor.

The CEO- Avner Mizrahi, has found a very creative use of our chatbot (you’ll never guess what it is!).

Now, follow closely.

engageSPARK is a platform that focuses on distributing surveys and pushing out information. Therefore, its internal business logic is optimized towards achieving that goal. But what happens when the company has a client that needs some extra functionality that isn’t supported by engageSPARK’s platform and wouldn’t make sense for engageSPARK to build into its platform?

That’s where things get creative.

A recent example is when they wanted to help a client of theirs who engages with tons of customers. This client uses Google Sheets for a CRM. In it, they have rows of customer information and whenever a customer completes a certain task, they check the “Done” checkbox. When they do that, they want to send an automated phone call survey to that customer on the next day at 9 am.

Their client doesn’t have a team of software developers, and engageSPARK does not have an integration with Google Sheets. However, engageSPARK likes to offer something extra to their clients, and that’s where Flow XO comes in handy.

Avner used our chatbot platform to create the business logic of the process above.

In Flow XO, every flow begins with a trigger (an event that needs to happen in order for the flow to start executing).

Avner’s trigger says:

“Every time the “Done” field on Google Sheets is marked as TRUE, start this flow in Flow XO”.

Then, the flow grabs the row containing the name and the phone number of the customer in question.

After that, an if-then scenario occurs:

  • If the customer has reported a health issue, Flow XO would send this survey.
  • If the customer has reported another issue, Flow XO would send that survey.

Upon decision, another flow is triggered. It calls to the engageSPARK platform via API to tell it to initiate an automated phone call survey to the customer.

After the automated phone call survey is conducted on the next day, another final flow triggers. This flow grabs the survey results of the customer and updates the results into the corresponding Google Sheet that is related to that specific customer.

That’s just one example of how Avner uses Flow XO to expand his platform’s functionality. As the knowledge of Avner of our platform grew, engageSPARK stopped using other tools and started doing more in Flow XO. To this day, the company continues to use Flow XO in a very unconventional way- and they do so successfully.

engageSPARK is on a mission to break down barriers in developing countries through the power of information. With Flow XO, the company is able to change the world, one day at a time.

However, Avner didn’t do it alone. Whenever he was stuck, he would contact us and we would help him overcome the issue he was facing at the time. So, if you have a business process you’d like to automate, Flow XO might be the choice hiding in plain sight.

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