Explore Flow XO New Chatbot Features and Updates!

At Flow XO we are always looking for ways to improve our service, so we can provide only the best for our customers… and we have exciting news to share with you!

Flow XO has a range of brand new chatbot features available to enhance your performance across different platforms: Telegram, WhatsApp, Web Messengers and more.

In this blog post, we’ll cover everything you need to know about new updates announcements in our platform. Let’s dive deep in!

New Messaging Tools

Flow XO is an omnichannel chatbot tool: it offers a seamless high-quality customer experience across different platforms. With Flow XO, you can design your chatbot only once and it is effortless to deliver them across all your messaging channels effortlessly, without having to design individual flows. 

Still, there is always room for improvement. To make the platform even more user friendly, we announced new integrations to FlowXO: Telegram Actions, Messenger Actions, Web Actions and HTTP Bot Integration.

  • Telegram Actions
    • Messaging: Send Message, Send Photo, Send Sticker, Send Audio, Send Document, Send Video, Send Animation, Send Voice, Send Video Note, Send Location, Send Venue, Send Contact, Send Poll, Send Dice
    • Editing Messages: Edit Message Text, Edit Message Caption, Edit Message Media, Edit Message Keyboard, Edit Message Live Location, Stop Message Live Location, Delete Message, Stop Poll
    • Payments: Send Invoice, Answer Shipping Query
    • Misc: Get Chat Info, Answer Inline Query, Pin Chat Message, Unpin Chat Message, Unpin All Chat Messages 
  • Messenger Actions
    • Messaging: Send a Message, Send an Attachment, Send Button Template, Send Generic Template, Send Media Template
    • One Time Notifications: Send One Time Notification Request
    • Handover Protocol: Send to Inbox, Give Thread Control, Take Thread Control, Get Thread Owner
  • Web Actions
    • Methods: Execute Javascript, Set Configuration, Close Chat Window, Navigate to URL

With these three integrations, you can access the most popular features of these channels completely code-free. 

  • HTTP Bot Integration
  • Extend Flow XO to any messaging channel by providing an HTTP endpoint that can receive and respond to messages.

New Chatbot Commands 

We also have new commands. If you are new to the chatbot world, a “command” is a certain word or phrase that usually starts with a “/”. It matches the user input and it usually performs a specific task, such as moving to live chat. An “argument” is any text after the command name and is when you want the user to specify additional information when they run the command.

To improve the commands function on our platform, we now split out the name and arguments and we offer an optional user handle reference into metadata that can now be used in your trigger filters. You can also write a single handler flow for a command and easily get access to the argument and be sure that the flow only triggers when the specific command is exactly matched. 

If you are not familiar with commands and need more information, make sure to check the information available on our Support page or contact us!

New Platform Updates  

We have brand new chatbot features available across different platforms. Let’s explore the new things you can do with Flow XO. 


Telegram is a cross-platform messaging service with high-level encryption and privacy features, and it is one of the most popular platforms in Flow XO. Here are some of the updates available for Telegram users:

    • Telegram Files URLs no longer expire: When users send files via Telegram, they receive a special URL to download the file. Before, these URLs used to expire, making it difficult to retrieve uploaded files. Now, Flow XO has a special URL for uploaded Telegram files that do not expire, so users can safely store the URLs in a database and access them at any time. 
    • Ability to respond to Telegram Group membership changes: When new users are added or removed, Flow XO will now receive a message that triggers a greeting when a user joins or leaves a group. You can filter on these special messages in a catch-all or New Message trigger to send customised messages. Great way to encourage interaction and to offer personalised conversation to users. 
  • More Telegram attachments: More than file and location types, we now allow you to process contacts, payment confirmations, non-anonymous poll responses and inline queries. The payment messages are particularly significant because when combined with the new Send Invoice method exposed in our Telegram Actions integration will allow you to fully implement Telegram Payments, including shipping queries. 
  • Telegram Inline Query Support (Advanced): This feature allows Flow XO to support inline queries in Telegram, but is only for developers or customers with access to a developer, as it requires a simple custom service to be developed to answer the inline queries. 


Here are some of the new things you can do with your WhatsApp chatbot:

  • Flow XO is now compatible with Twilio for WhatsApp: You can now host your Flow XO bot on WhatsApp by selecting  a WhatsApp enabled phone number when configuring your Twilio integration. Make sure to double check the limitations of Twilio Whatsapp!
  • WhatsApp now fully available: We partnered with WATI to provide full support for the WhatsApp business API in Flow XO. This integration is fully launched and if you can not find it in your account, send us a message at support@flowxo.com

Web Messenger 

If you are using chatbot with web messenger, here are some new updates for you:

  • New Embedding & Customisation Options: You can now embed as overlay, inline or sidebar as well as customise the location of the widget (left or right of page). You can also embed multiple bots on a single page and embed it inside a webpage without losing access to the API
  • Ability to embed live chat in your own website for your client
  • Ability to deactivate the welcome menu for a bot for unhandled messages

Experiment with the New Features Today!

Flow XO is an omnichannel chatbot builder that is always looking to improve and deliver the best set of features to customers.

The new set of chatbot features allows organisations to take the best out of the messaging channels and make sure your chatbot offers a complete customer experience across different channels: effortlessly and seamlessly! 

If you are already a Flow XO user, you can check our support page for more advanced information. If you want to join the club and try the new features, start for free today! 





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